NCIS Cast: Then and Now (2003 vs 2023) (2023)


NCIS 2003 Cast Then and Now 2023
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NCIS Real Name and Age;
We’ll talk about actors who played in the #NCIS​ so you will see their characters in the movie and how they look now.
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NCIS is an American action police procedural television series, revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The concept and characters were initially introduced in two episodes of the CBS series JAG (season eight episodes 20 and 21: "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown"). The show, a spin-off from JAG, NCIS,NCIS cast in real life,NCIS cast then and now,
Sean Murray,premiered on September 23, 2003, on CBS. To date it has entered into the seventeenth full season and has gone into broadcast syndication on the USA Network. Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill are co-creators and executive producers of the premiere member of the NCIS franchise. As of 2020, it is the second-longest-running scripted, non-animated U.S. primetime TV series currently airing, surpassed only by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present), and is the 7th-longest-running scripted U.S. primetime TV series overall.NCIS cast before and after,NCIS cast transformation,NCIS movie,NCIS cast,ncis ziva,ncis la season ,ncis real name and age,Pauley Perrette,Mark Harmon,Cote de Pablo,The series originally had the redundant title Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service; this was later shortened to NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service and then to NCIS. In season six, a two-part episode led to a spin-off series, NCIS: Los Angeles. A two-part episode during the eleventh season led to a second spin-off series, NCIS: New Orleans. While initially slow in the ratings, barely cracking the Top 30 in the first two seasons, the third season showed progress, consistently ranking in the top 20, and by its sixth season, it became a top five hit, having remained there since. In 2011, NCIS was voted America's favorite television show in an online Harris Poll. The series finished its tenth season as the most-watched television series in the U.S. during the 2012–13 network television season. NCIS was renewed for a seventeenth season on April 11, 2019, which premiered on September 24, 2019. In May 2020, CBS renewed the series for an eighteenth season.
NCIS Cast: Then and Now (2003 vs 2021)​
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Today you will see how cast a drama, NCIS, TV series you will know their original names in age.

I will show you how they look, then in 2003 and what's with them now in 2021, dont forget to like And subscribe to the channel.

Let's go Maria Bello is Dr Jacqueline Sloan, Maria, Elena Bello is an American actress and writer.

Her film roles include permanent midnight, payback Coyote Ugly, the cooler A History of Violence The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor grown-ups prisoners and lights out.

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro, Gibbs, Thomas, Mark Harmon, born to September 1951 is an American actor producer, director voice actor and former football quarterback.

He is best known for playing the lead role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS.

He also has appeared in a wide variety of roles since the early 1970s, initially a college football player, his role on Saint elsewhere led to his being named Sexiest Man Alive by people in 1986.

After spending the majority of the 1990s as a character actor.

He played Secret Service special agent Simon Donovan In The West Wing receiving a 2002 Emmy Award nomination for his acting in a four-episode story, arc Harmon's character of NCIS special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was first introduced in a guest starring role in two episodes of jag.4.

Since 2003 Harman has starred in NCIS as the same character.

Sean Murray is Timothy McGee Sean Harland Murray is an American actor known for his role as special agent Timothy McGee on the American TV drama NCIS.

He also played Thackery Binks in Disney's Halloween classic film Hocus, Pocus and Danny Walden.

In the military drama series Jag David McCallum is Dr Donald Mallard, David, Keith, McCallum Jr born 19 September 1933 is a British actor and musician.

He first gained recognition in the 1960s for playing secret agent iliakorikum in the television series The Man from Uncle in recent years, McCallum has gained renewed International recognition and popularity for his role as NCIS medical examiner, Dr Donald, Duckie Mallard in the American television series.

Ncis all right, Michael Weatherly is Anthony dinazzo Michael, Manning, Weatherly Jr born 8 July 1968 is an American actor producer director and musician known for playing the role of Anthony dinazzo in the television series, NCIS 2003-2016 and earlier played Logan kale in the drama Dark Angel 2000 2002.

in 2016 he began the title role of Dr Jason Bull and bull.

A courtroom drama Cote de Pablo is Ziva David Mario, Jose, De Pablo Fernandez known professionally as coat de Pablo born 12 November 1979 is a chilean-american actress and singer born in Santiago Chile at the age of 10.

She moved to the United States, where she studied acting.d Pablo co-hosted.

Episodes of the Latin American talk, show control with former Entertainment Tonight host Carlos fonse at the age of 15, before attending Carnegie, Mellon University, to study music in theater.

After appearing in a number of television roles, she was cast to portray main character.

Ziva David in the CBS television series NCIS in 2005 and won an alma award for the role in 2011.

Paulie Perez is Abby syuto Polly Perrette born 27 March 1969 is an American former actress writer singer and civil rights Advocate.

She is best known for playing Abby syuto in the television series NCIS from 2003 to 2018.

I found this photo as Internet, but it's not.

She Emily Wickersham is Eleanor Bishop Emily Kaiser Wickersham is an American actress, best known for her role as NCIS special agent Eleanor Bishop on NCIS Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama born 30 January 1980 is an American actor producer singer and television personality.

He is best known for the role of Fez in the sitcom That 70s Show 1998-2006 Anna's Carlos Madrigal in From Dusk till Dawn, the series 2014-16.

He was also host of the MTV series.

Yo mama 200607, the voice of Manny in the children's show Handy Manny 2006 13 and has had recurring roles on Gray's Anatomy, as well as the ranch both in 2016.

He is currently part of the main cast of NCIS portraying special agent Nick Torres Sasha Alexander is Caitlin Todd Susana drabnikovi known by her stage name.

Sasha Alexander is an American actress.

She played Gretchen Witter on Dawson's Creek and has acted in films, including Yes Man and He's Just Not That Into You Alexander played Caitlin Todd for the first two seasons of NCIS foreign Michael Hawley born 28 October 1963 is an American Canadian actress.

She has played the roles of deputy sheriff Maxine Steward in the television series, Picket Fences director Jenny Shepard in the series NCIS Dr Betty Rogers on motive Mary, Swanson and Dumb, and Dumber Linda Lee and dragon.

The Bruce Lee Story Darian Smalls in beautiful girls, Cindy Rooney in Any, Given, Sunday and Gigi in What, Women Want, Jennifer Esposito is Alexandra Quinn Jennifer Esposito is an American actress and author.

She is known for her roles in the feature films crash, Summer of Sam, don't say a word taxi and welcome to Collinwood foreign is a portuguese-american actress, best known for playing NCIS special agent Kenzie Bly in the CBS police, procedural series, NCIS Los, Angeles, Margot Kathleen Harshman is an American actress known for her role as Tony Dean uneven Stevens.

Her role is Alex Jensen on The, Big, Bang Theory and her role as Delilah Fielding McGee on NCIS.

Thank you, foreign.


NCIS Cast: Then and Now (2003 vs 2023)? ›

David McCallum (Dr.

McCallum has continued to play the role of NCIS chief medical examiner Ducky since the series premiere. Since Harmon's departure, he's the last remaining member of the show's original cast.

Who is left from the original cast of NCIS? ›

David McCallum (Dr.

McCallum has continued to play the role of NCIS chief medical examiner Ducky since the series premiere. Since Harmon's departure, he's the last remaining member of the show's original cast.

Why did Mark Harmon leave NCIS? ›

In a special featurette for the NCIS Season 19 DVD, Harmon — who was also an executive producer on NCIS — hinted that he left the series “to keep it fresh in his career. “What has always drawn me here is the character I play and to keep it fresh and to keep it challenging,” he said.

Who is the new girl on NCIS? ›

In March 2021, Law was cast in the eighteenth season of NCIS in the role of Jessica Knight.

Did any of the NCIS cast date each other? ›

Given all of this on-screen romance, some viewers will be left wondering if any of the cast have dated one another. However, it seems none of the leading stars have been in relationships over the show's run so far. Many are happily married outside of the series but not to other NCIS actors.

Why did Gibbs and Abby fall out? ›

The two stars reportedly had a number of clashes behind the scenes in 2016 after the Gibbs actor brought his dog to set, where it bit a crew member leaving him needing 15 stitches. Tellingly, the pair did not share the screen together during Pauley's emotional final episode.

Why did Eleanor Bishop leave NCIS? ›

In season 18, Bishop found herself in the middle of an investigation after she was accused of leaking documents. While initially defending herself, she eventually admitted that she had leaked the documents, and she was subsequently fired from the NCIS.

Are Tony and Ziva coming back to NCIS? ›

Weatherly recently revealed on his Twitter account that a reunion between his character, Agent Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) may be part of the upcoming 2023 season.

Is Abby coming back to NCIS? ›

The CBS series - which is marking its 450th episode on Monday night - might possibly never feature Abby again, unless Pauley changes her mind in the future. That's because the star has said that she has retired from acting.

Why did McGee lose so much weight on NCIS? ›

Sean Murray Confirmed His Weight Loss Routine On Twitter

The NCIS actor said: “To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar. Ate strictly organic.” (via Twitter).

What character replaced Gibbs on NCIS? ›

However, Gary Cole's character Alden Parker has done an admirable job taking over the series' lead role. For starters, the writers brought Parker along slowly. It wasn't like he immediately gelled with the team, as they brushed off Gibbs' exit.

Why did Emily Wickersham leave the show? ›

Why did Eleanor Bishop leave NCIS? Wickersham didn't give an official reason for leaving the NCIS at the time of her departure. The actress decided to step away on her own rather than at the hands of the writers or producers. Wickersham announced her exit in an Instagram post in May 2021.

Who are the 2 new people in NCIS? ›

CBS' venerable drama series NCIS is adding two new series regular cast members for the upcoming 19th season, Gary Cole and Katrina Law. Cole will play a new character, FBI Special Agent Alden Park. Law plays Special Agent Jessica Knight.

What happened to McGee's wife and twins on NCIS? ›

During the 'Kill Chain' episode in season 11, terrorist Benham Parsa aka the leader of the Brotherhood of Doubt bombs the gala, Timothy McGee and his wife Delilah was attending. In this episode, the latter gets injured. The blowup leaves Delilah paralyzed and in a wheelchair from that point forward.

Are Kensi and Deeks from NCIS married in real life? ›

In NCIS: Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen's character Marty Deeks is married to Kensi Blye, played by Daniela Ruah. But in real life, the actor has been married to actress Sarah Wright since 2012. The couple met in 2006 on the set of the Fox sitcom The Loop.

Are Ziva and Tony friends in real life? ›

But although Tony and Ziva might be gone from the show, they're still friends in real life. In fact, Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva on NCIS from seasons three through eleven, showed up to Weatherly's NCIS viewing party to watch his final moments.

When did McGee leave NCIS? ›

NCIS' Sean Murray has addressed his character Timothy McGee's change in direction since Mark Harmon left as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Seasoned pro Harmon stepped away from the US police procedural in the fourth episode of season 19, bringing to a close 18 years with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Was Gibbs in love with Abby? ›

Gibbs is depicted as having a close (father/daughter-like) relationship with Abby, who is initially one of only two characters (the other one being Ducky) to have no fear of him. Gibbs is often seen giving Abby kisses on the cheek, and hugging her, especially when she does good work on her cases.

Did Abby from NCIS have a stroke? ›

One year ago I had a massive stroke. Before that I lost so many beloved family and friends, and daddy, and then Cousin Wayne," Perrette wrote alongside a video of herself. "Yet still a survivor after this traumatic life I've been given so far… And still so grateful, still so full of faith, and STILL HERE!"

Does Torres leave NCIS? ›

It turns out that the reports—including ours—of Wilmer Valderrama's exit from his role as Special Agent Nick Torres on NCIS may be greatly exaggerated and that he will be returning for season 20 of the CBS drama.

Why did Tobias daughter leave NCIS? ›

Emily, a recovering addict, unfortunately, relapsed and did not survive the overdose. Her father, Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano), a former FBI agent had found his daughter unresponsive at home, after telling his close friend Gibbs (Mark Harmon) they planned to move to Costa Rica now Emily was clean.

Where is Ziva from NCIS now? ›

However, in the season 13 finale of the series, it was stated that her character had apparently died in an explosion in Israel. Three years later in 2019, season 16 episode 'She', revealed that Ziva is alive and has gone into hiding off-screen.

What did Gibbs whisper to Ziva? ›

Gibbs leans in and tells Ziva something that makes her cry. Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon never disclosed what he said to her but by lip reading it looks like: "Listen to me. You're home." "In Memory of Robert 'Bob' Bryan" appears after the final scene.

Is Tali Tony's daughter? ›

Talia "Tali" David-DiNozzo is the daughter of former NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and former NCIS-Mossad Liaison Officer-turned-NCIS Probationary/Special Agent Ziva David.

When did Ziva get pregnant? ›

In season thirteen, it is revealed that they also consummated their relationship, leading to Ziva becoming pregnant. Though DiNozzo was not informed of this, Ziva gave birth to a daughter named Tali.

Will Michael Weatherly return to NCIS? ›

The star is reportedly negotiating his return

The publication states that while the show's bosses are keen for Michael to return, they are "balking" over his insistence that they also bring back his co-star Cote de Pablo, who played his TV love interest Ziva David, as well as his on-screen dad, Robert Wagner.

Who is replacing Abby in NCIS? ›

Known for her jet-black pigtails and Gothic style of dress, Abby was energetic and outgoing despite her eerie appearance. When Perrette exited the series, which is now in its 20th season on CBS, Diona Reasonover stepped in as Kasie Hines to take her place as forensic specialist for the NCIS.

Are Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette still friends? ›

Despite her drama with “NCIS,” Perrette remained close to some cast members. She is particularly close to Weatherly — who she gushed over in the past. “Michael Weatherly is like my brother. I love him more than anything on the planet Earth.

Is Delilah on NCIS in a wheelchair in real life? ›

And the answer to this question is No, she is not paralysed in real life. Margo only uses the wheelchair as a prop to support the storyline of her character who became paralysed in Season 11. Delilah lost her ability to walk and landed upon a wheelchair after she was attending a gala that was attacked by a terrorist.

Why did they paralyze Delilah NCIS? ›

An explosion severely injured Delilah and worried McGee.

Delilah's entire life changed the night an explosion rocked a gala she was attending. A piece of shrapnel lodged in her spine and subsequently paralyzed both of her legs.

Why didn't McGee replace Gibbs? ›

Over the years, McGee had seen how Gibbs was consumed by his job in an unhealthy way, and that was what McGee wanted to avoid. It was his concern for himself and his family's well-being that made him decline the job as NCIS team leader. He thought about taking the gig, but felt it was too big of a risk.

Is Parker leaving NCIS 2023? ›

Fans who fear that they may have to say goodbye to another team leader can rest easy. There's no indication that Agent Alden Parker is leaving NCIS anytime soon.

Will Agent Gibbs be returning to NCIS? ›

As fans know, after 19 seasons of playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mark said goodbye to the popular CBS show in September 2021.

Is McGee in charge? ›

Timothy McGee is an NCIS Special Agent who is also the Senior Field Agent of the team, making him Leroy Jethro Gibbs's second-in-command.

Why did David McCallum leave NCIS? ›

Speaking of the Ducky NCIS character role change, David McCallum explained that appearing in fewer episodes will allow him to see more of his family, which includes his wife, children, six grandsons, and their cat, Nickie.

Why did Lauren Holly quit NCIS? ›

While it came as a surprise to viewers, it hadn't to actress Holly who felt it was her time to go. She admitted on her website that she was growing "bored" of her role and wanted to move on to another project.

What's Mark Harmon doing now? ›

As for other upcoming projects, Harmon's last credit listed on his IMDb is NCIS. However, The Hollywood Reporter did report in February 2023 that Harmon had signed with The Gersh Agency, a talent agency that has also represented actors like Brendan Fraser, Allison Janney, Patricia Arquette, Adam Driver and Mandy Moore.

Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS in 2023? ›

Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS? The answer is maybe. In an interview with TV Insider in January 2023, Rocky Carroll, who plays NCIS Director Leon Vance, hinted that Harmon — who played NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from seasons 1 to 19 of NCIS — could return in the future.

Who is the new black haired girl on NCIS? ›

Katrina Law - NCIS Cast Member.

Who is the longest cast member on NCIS? ›

Some obvious choices include Michael Weatherly with 308, Pauley Perette with 354, and Mark Harmon with 435. But it turns out that David McCallum, who plays Donald "Ducky" Mallard in the series, has the most with 452. Sean Murray is one of the few remaining cast members that isn't too far behind McCallum with 437.

Is Tegan on NCIS McGee's real daughter? ›

NCIS star Sean Murray has opened up about working with his real-life daughter on the show. The actor, famous for playing Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee on the procedural, appeared opposite his actual daughter Cay Ryan Murray in a season 19 episode last year.

Did Abby and Gibbs ever get along? ›

She's the only one who can be affectionate with Gibbs. The two have a father-daughter relationship, and they're not afraid to express their admiration for one another. It's not uncommon for Abby to run and jump into Gibbs' arms or for Gibbs to plant a kiss on Abby's forehead.

When did Abby stop filming with Gibbs? ›

The pair fell out in 2016. Share this: For over 15 years NCIS fans loved the relationship between Mark Harmon's Jethro Gibbs and Pauley Perrette's Abby Sciuto but it came crumbling down in 2017 when the actress unexpectedly left the hit CBS show.

Was Kensi pregnant on NCIS? ›

And let's not forget the big news that Daniela Ruah's Kensi shared with Eric Christian Olsen's Deeks: she's pregnant, and it probably-maybe had nothing to do with his shawarma, so to speak! But it turns out that reveal likely wouldn't have played out had CBS renewed NCIS: L.A. for Season 15 instead of canceling it.

What happened to Kenzie's eye on NCIS? ›

The NCIS star plays Kensi Blye on the Los Angeles spin-off

The 39-year-old actress – who recently shared her concerning family history – revealed that her unique eyes are caused by a birthmark, known as nevus of Ota, which means one of her eyes is darker than the other.

Who is Deeks married to in real life? ›

NCIS LA's Marty Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen is married to actress Sarah Wright Olsen. Fans may recognise her from projects such as House Bunny, Quintuplets, 7th Heaven, Made of Honour, Mad Love, Parks and Recreation, Marry Me and Spinning Out.

What did Tony whisper to Ziva? ›

In that moment, he whispers in Ziva's ear “Aht lo leh-vahd,” which means “you are not alone” in Hebrew. Ziva tells him "I know", before smiling at Tony and walking away to catch her flight. As fans know all too well, this was the beginning of the end for Ziva in NCIS.

Why didn t Ziva tells Tony about the baby? ›

"The real question is, why didn't Ziva tell him sooner," Glasberg said. "Because, like Orli says, Ziva always wanted Tony to live his life. You all know Ziva as a fiercely independent character. We truly believe she was planning to introduce him to his daughter when the time was right.

Are Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo friends in real life? ›

Michael Weatherly, who played Dinozzo on the show, and Cote de Pablo who played David, never got together in real life. But that didn't stop fans from wishing romance would bloom both on and off the screen. Despite the fact that they never dated, the two actors remained close friends after the show.

Why did Sasha Alexander quit NCIS? ›

Kate was not killed off because the NCIS writers wanted her gone, nor was it because fans disliked her. It was Sasha Alexander's decision to leave the show on her own terms, because of the grueling commitment that NCIS demanded.

Who retired from NCIS? ›

Mark Harmon had a good run as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. For the first time since his “NCIS” exit, the 70-year-old actor is sharing details on his departure, as well as his character's future on the crime drama.

Is Torres leaving NCIS? ›

It turns out that the reports—including ours—of Wilmer Valderrama's exit from his role as Special Agent Nick Torres on NCIS may be greatly exaggerated and that he will be returning for season 20 of the CBS drama.

What episode did Gibbs and Kate sleep together? ›

"Life Before His Eyes" is the 14th episode of the ninth season of the American crime drama television series NCIS, and the 200th episode overall. It originally aired on CBS in the United States on February 7, 2012.

Why did Duane Henry leave NCIS? ›

Henry explained that neither he nor the producers were sure how to develop the character after the death of his creator and NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg on September 28, 2016, so the decision was made to write the character out of the show at the end of season 15.

Why is Barrett Foa leaving NCIS? ›

NCIS: LA showrunner R. Scott Gemmill addressed series vet Barrett Foa's conspicuous absence by telling TVLine, “That was about availability, and what we could do and what we couldn't do. If I'd had the time and the money, I would have probably had everybody who had ever been on the show.

What did Michael Weatherly say about Mark Harmon? ›

He explained to The Futon Critic: “Mark Harmon and I were on different poles. I was Antarctica, he was the North Pole and we were just looking down there going, 'What is up with your polarity?

Who is the guy replacing Gibbs? ›

However, Gary Cole's character Alden Parker has done an admirable job taking over the series' lead role. For starters, the writers brought Parker along slowly. It wasn't like he immediately gelled with the team, as they brushed off Gibbs' exit.

Who replaced Bishop on NCIS? ›

In May 2021, Bishop resigned from NCIS for good to begin working on a long-term undercover operation with Odette Malone and following her departure, she was ultimately replaced by NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight.

Is Emily Wickersham going to return to NCIS? ›

The agent explained that she had landed an undercover mission with the CIA, which required her to destroy her career at the NCIS. While Agent Bishop was alive and well when she left the service, Emily hasn't dropped any hints about a potential return to the drama, so we can assume that she won't be back anytime soon.

Did Bishop and Torres have a relationship on NCIS? ›

Relationship Status

Ellick is a shipper term used to describe the romantic relationship between NCIS Special Agents, Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres.

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