Former President Donald Trump delivers remarks following his arraignment — 6/13/23 (2023)


Former President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ following his arraignment in Miami.

The leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate faces 37 counts related to allegations that he kept hundreds of classified documents after he left the White House and resisted efforts to return them to federal recordkeepers. Trump is charged with willful retention of national defense information; conspiracy to obstruct justice; withholding a document or record; corruptly concealing a document or record; concealing a document in a federal investigation; scheme to conceal; and false statements and representations.

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Former President Donald Trump delivers remarks following his arraignment — 6/13/23


Thank you experience.

Thank you, foreign foreign foreign.

Well, thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's great for me to have you here and today we're just the most evil and humans to be surprised by something to watch a corrupt Sydney president had his top political opponent, arrested on Frank and fabricated charges of witching and numerous other presidents would be guilty in the middle of his presidential election, in which he is losing very badly an election interference and yet another attempt to rig and steal a presidential election persecution like something straight highway fascists or communist Nation of the history of our country, but perhaps even more importantly, the president, with a band of his closest thanks, Misfits and marxists, tried to destroy American democracy and better president of the United States ever put forward in an American court of law in history and object has been used.

It has nothing to do with a former president.

Legally keeping his own documents of this character is not.

It is not even mentioned in this ridiculous 44-page indictment under the presidential records act, which is simple, not Criminal s, to have these documents.

The truth, in the most important case, every other subject known as the Clinton Fox case.

They, including discussions of U.S military in Farmington, Haiti discussions, foreign conversations with the many foreign leaders at the time.

Think of that sense and effects taken from presidential briefings, discuss things with the Secretary of State conflict investment and much much more, very big staff, never even considered for a criminal prosecution based on the types he took.

You won the case: Judge Amy Berman Jackson's decision States under the Sagittarius scheme established by the presidential records Act, but the season to segregate personal materials from presidential records is made by the president during the president's hearing I'm in the president's soul to sleep any normal Administration, even in opposing one, would consider that to be the aid, but not be corrupt.

Biden Administration the Sox decision, as it's known also States quote the National Archives Administration will Now, does not have the authority to designate material as presidential records and have the authority now it does not have the types in question and there are less any right, Duty or means to seize control, even though the president enjoys unconstrained authority to make decisions regarding the disposal of documents.

That's been constrained to make that decision.

Neither the archivist nor Congress has the authority to veto the president institution.

The presidential represent, does not control any mandatory or even discussingly Authority or the activists to do classify records under the statute.

This responsibility is left solely to the president of the United States sort of that.

That's the decision.

Thinking more, you know just think of it, in other words, whatever documents the president decides to take with him.

It is the right to do so.

It's an absolute word.

This is the law, and that is something that people have never seen, and it couldn't be more clear about it because we're destroying- and this is why no other president, even those who kept far more documents today, has ever been even investigated, let alone charged with a crime, because the same indictment, patrolled by the Bible, Administration included stage photographs of boxes at mileage or many people have asked me why who wrote these boxes? Why did you wrap them? The answer in additional Refuge Act is that these routines were containing all types of personal belongings.

Many many things everything it can be seen in the picture where someone might be I wonder what might have been dumped.

One of the very neatly arranged boxes all over the floor.

They were full of newspapers, breast slipping citizens and pictures, thousands and thousands of White House pictures they put so many pictures and much much more I hadn't had a chance to go through all the boxes.

It's a long, tedious setup takes a long time which I was prepared to do, but I have a very busy life.

I've had a very busy life.

They make it more busy because you're always training and under these socks decision there seemed to be no rush, because yet the season was long.

The other picture that was silver and you remember that one was angry and collect towards the photo stage by the FBI and those that rated putting documents all over the floor.

Remember that's in this picture.

All over the confidential said presidentials and interstitutional things, and it was supposed to be there and I'm like foreign.


There was nothing there.

Nothing new! According to the presidential records act, which was a big deal, I was supposed to negotiate.

It was FBI agents, I have security to observe it.

I gave them security tips of everything, and it's laboring violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which protects the right against I must say: I'm, not the one who thinks it's Joe Biden in his corrupt Department of Injustice, who I think they are above them all.

Never before have been.

Two standards of Justice in our country been more certainly revealed.

Joe Biden had jobs U.S president, and even as a senator, which was completely intuitive in living room of the mistake when they find out, they actually thought it was impossible to be Biden, said 850 boxes to the University of Delaware, making the search very, very difficult for anybody, and he refuses to give them up and he refuses behaving so nicely anything which is Doctrine.

Considering his family received so much money from China foreign.

There was no security in the door was left open.

Most of the time it was open or one of those classified Authority is president Joe Biden is nice president had no Theory to declassify and no right to possess, which is very, very tough, memorabilities, yet nothing happens.

Hillary Clinton set up and illegal private server in their basement, Union, with a deliberate intention of violating public International pay for Police scandals at the Clinton foundations and classified incentive information on the message over some of it happened to me.

It looked into anything into his computer.

He didn't want to be in his computer and all of it was illegal because thankfully she was never president.

It's a big difference.

It's a little bit.

Thank you.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, nice birthday! Isn't it years when God Hillary then deleted 33, 000 emails and different answer their congratulations with a hammer, and then they said, participating in abstraction, we're thinking that that's called obstruction.

There's never been obstruction as Brave as there.

She did this in the sense of everything and that nobody did anything about it.

The FBI and the drj protected her did not participate, did not use a grand jury.

It did not execute certain points and then the corrupt head of the FBI James Comey declared no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case.

Can you believe him? And there was just one of many items: Hillary Clinton broke the law and she didn't get indicted.

Joe Biden broke the law and in many other ways I am so sure it was not that one voted.

I did everything right and they indicted me, but you know we're serving as a great example in the case of Bill Clinton's National Security advisor.

Remember that Sandy Bergman he was caught stealing classified documents from the nation records, they're, big ones, very important ones and putting them also in response, and he destroyed them and cut the paper which scissors what Burger did was highly illegal, but he was given nothing majority.

Nothing, nothing happened.

There were countless other examples: Bill Clinton.

It was actually quite trending with him.

You better get to Michigan Bill Clinton lost the nuclear carbs and absolutely nothing was done.

George W bush, White House lost 22 million emails.

A record.

Can you imagine? Hillary Clinton took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture, some of our flatware runs and more from the White House I was intoxicated.

She took the furniture.

I might have something the horrific violations of my rights by crooked Joe, Biden's, weaponized Department of Injustice I, don't think about something about.

What's happened so bad for our country, Democrats over.

They lawlessly pierced my attorney and privilege within us what they did to lawyers, what they have done to animals all of their names.

They've done things that were absolutely horrible and unthinkable.

The leaking has been unbelievable and highly illegal.

They leak, we learned more about foreign post ers they'll end up down, but is that supposed to be that way? We don't want to learn from the terms of the people you're supposed to learn from so they can link themselves in Washington, but we learned nothing about the Biden primary scheme or special counsel, Robert Harris and There She Goes doing the burden.

Investigation is a very respected, very nice person, very nice person mine's, not such a nice person.

Minds, are derangs different lunatic, which are many times the magnitude arise in both member and severity.

That's the prosecuted that they gave Houston he totally examinated.

So much you have to really think of that when I saw it as a senator, he took all of those documents and some precedented the prosecutor in the case, I've named him deranged Jack Smith I, wonder what his name used to be exclusives he's a very nice man he's a behind the scenes guy, but his record is absolutely nutritious.

He does political hit challenge be known to recently unless they sit together.

When you know the governor I need them only to have the case overturned.

Eight to nothing by the Supreme Court he destroyed that man and he destroyed that family and by the way, I will tell you I'm here and I love you all and we can take her, but what these thugs, what these thugs have done to myself, what they did to my family and that young man right there.

Please answered more subpoenas than any human being Congress Faith councils.

Another report.

All of this all he did his opinions.

All the time images has become the experience.

Congratulations, But Eric is fantastic in what he and Don begun.

That's what they've gone through, and these are serious people.

He also tried to Railroad young Edwards on a completely bogus legal theory that didn't hold up in court.

It's been one that is Raging lunatically tiptoes to the head to prosecute more crimes.

Tribunals might be holding to the cuts of two things: two things: Jack Smith foreign in the inner symptoms of the Department of Injustice, where you can believe in stream of people he's a raging and uncontrolled campaigning, as is his wife, who also happened to be the producer of that Michelle Obama.

Don't forget this persecution is being done by the same weapon as agencies that the seven years have been running, Warfare campaigns against the American people, much as if they were trying to destabilize a foreign country from the Russia Resurrection to the no collusion mower, which hunt to impeachment hopes number one in Pittsburgh the 51 lying intelligence.

They said it's roasted this information and they know it wasn't it's made about According to some of the great Publishers that are right here, made some Universe in the 10 to 17 point difference and we actually did much better in the second election than we did in the first election, the fake documenting paid for by the Democrats.

How about the factors? I think that it was easy to go home and say Hello, darling, spying in my campaign we cooked and spine in my campaign, the FBI Twitter for us in so much more.

It's all been a battle of disinformation.

One thing is to the other and all to protect the radical left mistakes.

It's also no coincidence that there's charges against me came down the very same day evidence revealed Joe Biden took a 5 million dollar bride from Ukraine at the FBI and the justice department.

Don't even want to talk about it, they're saying something on television tonight, almost all the time I think I had 351 minutes.

I had no minutes.

Okay, I will tell you I've just left Miami and I've never seen a lot of Industries like that.

I've never seen.

No, they know what we all go through.

These people come in from Cuba's in Israel other countries they've seen this happening to their cultures.

They used to say that the United States, if it keeps 30 this way, it's going to be these land on steroids than any other nations in the world and we're refining it.

So you could imagine, what's going up to be a little beautiful stuff, we're not taken out of the ground and making a lot of money and paying off that and reducing taxes, no further which we're in the process of doing they want to distract from the real espionas and the real crime.

So, let's use president Trump president Trump, so they don't talk about the five million dollar bill.

Just yesterday revealed that the original executive, who allegedly paid the board reportedly, has 52 until 17 times company got him and Hunter in 17 different types of supposedly, but the FBI isn't showing them remember.

They impeached me for asking a simple question about Biden's corrupt aliens in Ukraine and now they've seen that once again, I was right.

I was right.

Thank you.

Joe Biden and the radical left can take foreign bribes and be totally protected Republicans.

All you must finally get tough.

You've got to get tough.

You've got to get tough.

When you arrested leading political opponent, we no longer have a democracy when people are allowed to pour through our open borders, and our elections are read that countries in very serious trouble when inflation is allowed to rage when energy Independence Indonesia within six months with energy make a fortune, we were going to be paying off debt and lowering taxes, but we're not sticking away from us when interest rates and taxes spiral upward in an uncontrolled way when murders are allowed mothers.

These ignorable killers that allowed to roam the streets of an academic rights that is but The Interpreter district attorney in New York indicts trip for a crime that everybody agrees.

Every pundit everybody there is no claim, but murderers go out, and nobody ever even comes and lets me down.

They know they're there in another room passes and their willingness to be run over, and some of them are coming in right now through our bottles.

But then you had amazing that, as we are, is in serious serious decline within this is if the Communists get away with this, it won't stop with me.

They will not hesitate to ramp up their persecution of Christians, don't mind.

Effectiveness parents attending school board meetings and even future Republican candidates, which they do.

We must end it permanently or must end up immediately.

So important is broken.

The scene is broken by what they've done.

They should maybe have done this.

This is an Unwritten way.

You just don't unless it's around, but you just don't put.

The sun is not broken in addition to closing of the border and removing all of the criminal items that have illegally invading our country, making America energy, independent and even dominant again, and immediately ending the war between Melissa and Ukraine I haven't ended in 24 hours.

I will appoint a real special prosecutor to go after the most corrupt president of the history of the United States and the entire Biden crime.

Family name is, and all others involved with the destruction of our elections and borders in our country itself are destroying our country and when I'm re-elected and we will get re-elected, I will totally obliterate the Deep State.

We will obliterate you're beautiful and we know who it is.

They want to take away my freedom, because I will never let them take away their friends.

They want to silence me because I will never let them silence you they won't concerned, and I am the only one that can save this nation, because you know they're not coming after me, they're coming after you and it just happened to be standing in their way and I will never be moving on November 5th 2024 Justice will begin, we will take back our country and we will make America great again.

Thank you.

God bless you all.

Thank you.

Thank you very much great job.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Who was the former president Donald Trump? ›

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American politician, media personality, and businessman who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

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Roosevelt won a third term by defeating Republican nominee Wendell Willkie in the 1940 United States presidential election. He remains the only president to serve for more than two terms.

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The First Democrat elected after the Civil War, Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later. One of nine children of a Presbyterian minister, Cleveland was born in New Jersey in 1837. He was raised in upstate New York.

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The specific years and days median is 55 years and 104.5 days, which falls midway between how old Warren G. Harding was in 1921 and Lyndon B. Johnson was in 1963. The youngest person to become U.S. president was Theodore Roosevelt, who, at age 42, succeeded to the office after the assassination of William McKinley.

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List of U.S. Presidents
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41. George H. W. Bush42. Bill Clinton43. George W. Bush
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Succeeded byGerald Ford
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The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows.

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