A Very Grey Family Murder | Law & Order (2023)


Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy) plays a daughter whose family is brutally murdered. Is the drunk father to blame?... Featuring Brooke Smith (Grey's Anatomy).

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From "Savior" (Season 6, Episode 16): Briscoe and Curtis' (Jerry Orbach, Benjamin Bratt) investigation of the murders of a mother and son leads to the father, but Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) uncovers the real killer.

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Show Synopsis: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. From Emmy-winning creator Dick Wolf, with its groundbreaking "ripped-from-the-headlines" format, comes the highly-acclaimed, longest-running crime series in television history.

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Joyce we're gonna be late again: hello, you're gonna, be okay.

The deceased woman's joyce weber, 43, her son billy, is 10.

The ams took the daughter over to saint vincent's, it's weird, no forced entry.

All the windows locked from the inside you get a make on the weapon.

Uh 22, shell, casings, on the floor, the corner figures that happened around midnight body positions say they were fast, asleep, yeah.

Well, you gotta go boy.

Your closet was open.

This was on the floor.

It looks like a jewelry box motive.

That's a good thing! Dustin lenny! This is laura cochran joyce, weber's sister.

She called it in I'm sorry what brought you here this morning, mrs cochran, I was gonna walk the boys to school joyce and I alternated days.

I can't believe my son had to see this.

Well, there are specialists that can help.

I I can give you a name.

Did anyone tell ron yet was mr webber? Usually here when you arrived in the mornings, unless he's out of town on business joyce didn't mention, I should be with my son.

Okay, you take this we'll be in touch thanks.

Joyce and billy gone, this is gonna, kill ron or vice versa.

Dad did you find him.

We called his office this morning.

He didn't show up.

Thank god.

They killed him too.

They did this.

Did you see your father last night? I was out.

I think he was working late.

He had a presentation or something jenna tell me.

Do you remember anything about last night I was sleeping the door to the house.

Do you remember if it was locked? I came home from the red onion around 11 00., I'm sure I locked it.

Why would anyone do this to us? We found a jewelry box on the floor in the hall closet.

It was empty.

My mother's jewelry, please find me dad you have to find they had two incomes.

Everything should have been fine, two kids in private school that takes its toll.

What's this got to do with anything you're just trying to get a complete picture jenna? Maybe your dad owed money to somebody.

You mean, like a loan shark, get real.

My sister liked to live well beach house on fire island, the ivy club, the brownstone.

I warned her.

They should put some away for a rainy day sounds like they spent everything they made.

If they put it in a fund, they could have retired.

My dad tried to sell the beach house jenna.

No, I mean you're, making it sound like he's stupid or something he didn't want it.

In the first place, they were stuck with a major mortgage.

They borrowed against the equity on the brownstone to make the monthly payments debt the great motivator.

It's not like.

We were starving or anything your mom didn't want you to know.

Jenna your dad was having trouble at work.


Why did you go and say that? Don't you see what they're doing they think daddy's responsible? Whatever my mom told you, he had a good job.

He didn't need money.

I've been there, mr webber everything just gangs up on you all at once, wasn't as bad as it looks.

Money's tight, the bills, pile up you're out of a job, all of a sudden, the world's a very cold place.


I had three interviews set up.

It's self-fulfilling you're, desperate they smell it.

It's over before you sit down.

I was gonna, get something your wife didn't think.

So, that's not true.

Why would she start asking for bribes? She lost faith in you 20 years.

You take care of her.

You hit a little dry patch and she can't let you forget what a loser you are and the way she went through it you'd need two jobs just to break.

Even I loved her, I loved my family, but you let him down ron.

You turned into a drunk.

You stopped coming home.

If my wife thought I was such a deadbeat.

I'd do the same thing.

What you needed was a major payday, a pile of insurance money to cure everything.

Am I right? That's sick.

I didn't kill anybody.

Well, that's not a hundred percent accurate! Mr webber see you don't really remember what you did.

Why don't you think it over for a few minutes? Huh anybody check his alibi.

Our guys went up and down second avenue.

One bartender remembers him coming in around 2 a.m.

The shooting was around midnight.

He left cabrini's at 11 30.

That gives him plenty of time and there's no murder weapon, probably swimming in the hudson.

I think the guy's right on the edge and the rest might just push him over thanks motive.

Just got better webber filed a claim on his wife's insurance.

Two days after she died, 500 thou.

If it was about the insurance money, he wouldn't have gone after the kids.

He was desperate.

Who knows what was going through his head? It's all circumstantial! I need something.

A little more tangible, circumstantial is good enough for a search.

Let him go I'll get a warrant.

Mr webb is expected from lunch shortly.

You could have waited for him, hey the sooner.

We finish the sooner we get to eat, hey lenny! You think he wears these.


What do you want now now? Well now, you're under arrest for the murders of william and joyce weber and the attempted murder of jenna webber, you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you do say can or what don't know why I didn't wake up.

I just didn't, but you're sure you locked the door before you went to sleep.

I usually do I.

I don't know- maybe I forgot that night, that isn't what you told the police is it.

My brother is dead and my mother's dead, my father, is on trial.

Please answer the question: no, it's not what I told them to your knowledge who had keys to your brownstone me my dad, my mother and my aunt.

Did your dad ever hit your mother.

He would never did they fight no more than any of my friend's parents yeah.

I can't believe that what jenna, I can't believe, they're doing this dan.


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